daily painting titled Lemon and bowl

Lemon and bowl

18cm x 12cm (approx. 7"x4¾"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 2 December, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Love the drybrush dragged along the bottom and the rim of the bowl peering out.

Lovely painting and sense of chill.

Lovely still-life, yet again ... great :) What is it with the weather? ... I've just opened the front door and it's snowing!

Seems like a world away at 78 degree's in Palm Springs, CA. digging in my flower bed this afternoon, I looked up noticed the lime tree which I thought I had properly identified is now producing 3 gorgeous lemons for the picking. Similar to the lovely one in your painting Julian.
Always a joy to view your work.

Your words are as expressive as your paintings...or the other way around? :)

I like your comments on Louis. It's a reminder that when one has a young child in one's life, we see all anew! What a gift to get a second set of eyes!

As always, always, always, your paintings, particularly your fruits and vegetables, are lovely. I hope someday to have one hanging in my kitchen!


Oh WOW, i want to learn how to paint like you!!
Magic !! Merci encore.