daily painting titled Pale Blue Irises

Pale Blue Irises

13cm x 27cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 24 April, 2007
Posted in Flower paintings
Tags: flowers, print


Julian, this is simply gorgeous! I particularly love your brushstrokes in the background. Really lovely how they accent the irises. Is it my imagination, or is your work just getting more and more beautiful? It is a pleasure each day to see these gems.
Ahh....Irises, my favorite.... Thank you so much... They are lovely...
softly swirling gorgeous fuzzy folding...you've captured these irises perfectly!
Exquisite. I love the vanilla colored fuzz on the second iris down from the top, and the brilliant green stem on same. You are so very, very skilled.
Just beautiful, I adore this painting. I have ordered the print and I am already planning its "pride of place" wall space.
I feel blessed that I get to view your takes on Nature. You capture all that is beautiful.
Thank you! You've made me smile....simply breathtaking!