daily painting titled Distant Snow

Distant Snow

20cm x 12cm (8¼"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 18 March, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


This is just beautiful, Julian. I love the touches of spring green in this painting. Signs of spring are just beginning here in Massachusetts, but there is still snow in the woods and other shady spots.

i have a terrible voice, but this one makes me want to sing!! love it.

The color in this is just remarkable. It speaks of a universal springtime. Thanks.

Visual progress
First of all, an intense feeling of quietness and gaiety. Then I follow Julian, my artistic " tour guide ": The magical mountain, the hypnotizing coral-red roof, the rows of the vineyard almost entirely creating the depth,the irregular oblique line of the hill crossing all over the canvas, finally the vibrant vaporous sky giving the hustle and bustle. And I imagine Cezanne asking you: " May I paint the same view just next to you, Mister Merrow Smith ? "

Alain--so glad to have you back in full swing. please don't stop. Can't say it as well as Alain but there are just so many beautiful things going on in this seemingly simple little painting. Spring is close in Boston but I'm getting it every day from you Julian.

Eric, I am very touched by your comment.

and I am very touched by your daily comments--between your poetry and Julian's artistry, my day starts off with a huge smile despite these very bizarre economic times

Ah, that jolt of cadmium orange. These are really lovely little gems.

Another painter friend and I were discussing the challenge of daily paintings.
It takes much to find the passion to even get out and create, but to discover these interesting vistas is also a gift.

Thank you for brightening our days!