daily painting titled Still life with two figs

Still life with two figs

16cm x 13cm, oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 1 August, 2011
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Lazy Louis! ;-) Great little painting. A favorite. I can taste them.
Your intention realized? I'm salivating! Wonderful as always Julian and these little gems never fail to set the tone and inspiration for my day. Thank you.
luscious paint!
Spoilsport. Does Louis get to eat the figs?
Very sensual.
Hi Julian ... its all your fault that I began painting still life again. However, there is a major difference. A friend said that my figs look like a car crash. Yours look like art. Here endeth another Lesson!
Wonderful,so lucious makes me want to take a bite.Thanks for sharing.
Julian:Looks like the pedaling brings out the best in your work! Another gem!
Delicious. You, Ruth & Loius are entering a magical time together. Enjoy.