daily painting titled Lemon on a French cloth #2

Lemon on a French cloth #2

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 17 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Another fine painting of the lemon. Julian, They're so much more interesting when they contain that little touch of green.
Despite the tumultuous waterfall made by the cloth and leaves, the lemon did stay calm and collected, unaware of the danger. And yet,a young leave, cute as a button, on the right warned "him" about the risk of falling. The lemon, serene, answered: - No risk anywise, for my painter will save me!"
Julian, I love your paintings of lemons with a French cloth. The green leaves give the composition a natural grace. Is there any chance you will be offering one of these as a print? I would adore having either of them. Thank you so much, Elle
Magnificent, as usual.
Magnificent, as usual.
Oh wow - is this ever unusual!! :) What an interesting composition you created, and I love the play of colors!! Well done, Julian!!
ah, well, dear Julian, every time you put ANYTHING on a cloth of that type, I mean, Cezanne should be listening and watching and he would grump a bit at being remembered but We Remember and We know How to Love all of us fans love Mary Ann
Lemons. All snug in their beds.
Love both compositions! Fascinating to see what you come up with. Will you be doing another? Bravo and prints of course.
Thanks for the tip on the beautiful book: The Modern Art Cookbook. My friend was very pleased with it as a birthday present.
Another beauty of a painting!
NICE ONE. And I would bid for it owing to the composition and colours. Delightful. BUT, every time I look at the painting I can not help myself seeing a green nipple on the lemon! A great pity. Please keep your good work
Your compositions seductive love your lemons
Dear Julian , why not squeeze (unintended pun)a few more tender lemon paintings out of this citrus sensation. In my opinion" Lemon no 2" even surpasses the previous one. The surface of the cloth is shimmering the way worn linen does in a certain light and the mesmerising lemon with it's provocative nipple seem packed with fragrance and zest. No wonder the colour yellow was forbidden for anybody but the Emperor himself in ancient China. This painting has great therapeutic value,it has already galvanised me against the Christmas blitz!My thoughts are turning to painting instead and the "jingle bells" are muted. This is J M-S at his very best, there is not a hint of chilly photorealism here, instead, every brush stroke breathes life. Anna
This is a gentle and peaceful painting that soothes the viewer.
Lovely, lovely. I especially like this one:)