daily painting titled Clementines and Delft vase

Clementines and Delft vase

15cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 16 January, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, I love receiving these daily gifts, especially the still lifes. Can't afford to buy the little paintings but would like to reciprocate in some way, for thank you. You might like to see a similar landscape (though it has horrible buildings) in southern California: http://here2012.tumblr.com.
My father came from Holland, so of course, I love this painting. I also love the complimentary contrasts, which you do so well, Julian.
Julian, it has been very difficult to comment about each painting this month. I get stuck at "WOW!" Actually, we discuss each day's painting in some way and lately have been tickled to find that our clementines might have been the models for your paintings --a quick look at the packaging told us ours are from Spain. We laughed hat the light across the lawn during our Sunday picnic mimicked your yellow green winter sun slanting over the cool shadows of the rock wall. Yes, we do discuss brush strokes, edges, reflections and other painterly things. With best wishes for a Happy New Year and a sincere thank you for showing us how to see. Annette
I looked at this one a long time and enjoyed the masterful use of lost and found line,hard and soft edges,warm against cool and light against dark.I think that this is a little gem!
A lovely combination Wish I had a vase like that How do you manage to dry your pictures so fast..please?
You couldn't have found a more perfect foil. And it's so great that the battered vase has a new life in oil.
Just exquisite.
I love the way you have painted the blue and white ceramic vase, the colours are marvellous
beautiful work always! The blue in the vase is fantastic.
My favourite of them all! The vase and clementines are simple beautiful!