daily painting titled Track through Vineyards

Track through Vineyards

16cm x 14cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Monday 16 July, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


The same road was the subject of A Road in Provence of July 2005. I was surprised to see it was almost two years to the day that I painted the first. It is decidedly greener this year with more wild flowers, and today's is painted later in the day, ( I seem to remember starting very early for the 2005 painting).

Thats interesting, I love doing the same thing, re visiting painting sites, strange thing is how often it happens just by chance. Didn't your wife's Dad do a project like that, photograph the same spot over many years in london, or am I imagining it?

Yes Sarah, you can see that here: Tom Phillips 20 Sites n Years

I THOUGHT it looked familiar as soon as I opened today's posting... until I read your note I imagined I was having a mental glitch, but no... it IS familiar and still just as lovely! Weren't the shadows more prominent last year?

A P.S.--My SEVEN still life prints are now framed and hung... quite a fabulous display and loved by those who see it. Five on one wall and two just around the corner from them. Turned out great. They all have the same frame and matting, just a different color(picking up one of the colors of the fruit) on each second mat that peeks out from under the first. Used "box" frames meant for canvas, but they work wonderfully.