daily painting titled Quince


14cm x 15cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 20 October, 2006
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Lovely quince, Julian. I like the simple composition and beautiful brushstrokes. I feel for you with the kitchen remodel - I've been through that twice and it is a drag, I know. Hang in there and just remember, this too shall pass...

Oh, Julian... this is just lovely. The soft, subtle quiet shifts of color give me chills. Your edge-work is divine. Beautiful color harmonies!!

Just lovely and moody.
Has a deep resonance about it-

How about a print of this??

Can I purchase this painting?

We are still without a heating system after a year working on our own remodel & now winter is upon us in Montana.
But having read Peter Mayle's, "A Year in Provence", your construction woes (such an integral part of life there) did bring a broad smile to my face.
Such a different, but yet lovely way of life from that in the States.
The only painting I've done in 2 years has been on the walls, so I really admire your dedication!
I also enjoy knowing hows the bits of your life connect to your work.
Julian- thank you so much for sharing these daily little gems w/the rest of us !

I don't understand how I didn't get this painting....all I had to do was type in my credit card number, date and security code....it took two seconds....how did I not get this painting???? I am so disappointed...
tell me your secret...

Keep up the good work!