daily painting titled Roscoff onions

Roscoff onions

18cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 23 March, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Make me want to cook something.
Each time the season for the Roscoffs comes in, I wonder how you can interpret them a new way. You always surprise me with bold color or exhuberant stems or gentle texture.? I know why you look forward to finding them in the market.
i love the king of the onion, and am sending love to all three of you! I often mention you and quote, visually and verbally, your work of the elder two, in talks about the Modern Art Cookbook !
Awesome.....the color blends are superb. I love your paintings.!!! Tina
Absolutely wonderful! The gloss of the highlights, the color transitions, and the sense of the onions' papery skin are delightful.
I really like these onions, and I liked that portrait you did too. One of Eli Siegel's question in, "Is Beauty the making one of opposites?"is about Surface and Depth, and it has me look at work with more understanding I think highlights are often hard to do and make them coherent with the depth. These onions seem to solve that, but its always a auestion to think about--do you agree?
Very nice ... very Chardin.
how incredibly well done.
Dear Julian, this morning, opening my e-mail,I meditated for a while over your "humble" Roscoff onions. Taking in the stunning textures and colour variations, everything else suspended. The result is a richer and more meaningful day. Anna.
These onions just glow with beauty, Julian. Thanks.
ce merveilleux alliums!!!
Dear Julian, Healing thoughts to you and your family at this sad time. Thank you for your constant and inspiring art gifts. Elizabeth