daily painting titled Le Relais du Ventoux

Le Relais du Ventoux

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Monday 29 October, 2012
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Magical! Bravo
Magical! Bravo Julian
An enchanted atmosphere on the corner of a street of South of France under the wonderful sunshine of an autumnal nippy afternoon... - "Cod à la provençale"for three,please Chef,and don't forget your divine garlic mayonnaise.And two glasses of your house wine, a bottle of water and a coke,chef! - OK! monsieur,no sooner said than done". Hmmmm,life is pretty good today!
The hour may be "dead" but the bar glows. Your painting makes me long to walk through the sunshine to that door, order a glass of wine, sit and watch the shadows play. It's just beautiful.
This looks so inviting! I am now riding out hurricane Sandy in the USA with tremendous wind and rain and your painting offered a welcome respite! Thanks for sharing!!
Lovely. Wish I was there.
Beautiful. I love the natural shifting light (sic) in the foreground and the fixed ceiling lights in the fixed darkness beyond, promising the shift to winter cafès taken inside.
I may pop in for a glass or two.
As a painter myself I love your works, you are so good. Your painting of the square reminds me so much of the village square in Entraygues-sur-truyere in the in the south of France, brings back happy memories. France unfortunately is a long way from Australia.
nice one julian. good new flavour worthpursuing. xt
Hi Barbara, Hope you are ok tonight
So memory triggering, so beautiful and so different for you
My wifi centre! Many a blog post was written and sent in that bar in June 2011 after the small "glitch" at the house Is this the first time you've painted it Julian - I can't remember seeing it before.
Beautiful, I love your new paintings more color and very exciting. Todays is stunning!! Love it. Kathleen
Ah, Julian, our monster hurricane is just beginning here in NY City, and oh how we wish we were there! Marvelous!
A beautiful painting. The play of light is superb.
OMG that's bloody bloomin lovely
Truly magnificent, Julian - I just love it!
A beauty! Feels like a whole experience- all sensory. Wonderful, just wonderful what you, Julian, can do with paint!!
Love it. Cheers my unwell daughter. Have to visit area soon, time short, 85 next week. How to get to the area, where to stay? Do you have a travel department...I'm still an occasional journalist. Regards
My first email Postcard from Provence! LOVE the ambience of the light and the scene...can just imagine being there enjoying a glass of wine. I've recently received your book Julian which I love browsing and devouring (with the eyes) all the glorious colours and depictions of your everyday scenes and objects, which you brilliantly bring to life and I see in my own way as beautifully romantic. Wish I could paint like that! I've also just finished reading Ruth's memoir (Cherries from Chauvet's Orchard) and it's great to know that the difficult times are behind you. Looking forward to many more Postcards from Provence!!
Who would think that slight sliver of bright blue could TOTALLY make this painting sing.
A very strong painting. I am a fan of light and contrast in paintings. Your landscapes do give a sense of place. I paint my small works on location often. Solid work Julian. Bob Ragland/NSA
Hi Julian This takes me back to the time when I walked those streets; the light was as magical as it is in this painting.
Yes Katherine, it's next to the school and the kiddies playground so I've spent more time around there since Louis arrived