daily painting titled October roses

October roses

15cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 9 October, 2021
Posted in Flower paintings


So beautiful!

Just lovely! Here in New York City, just noticed a tree starting to turn color, the first inkling of fall....so the creamy pink roses are even sweeter to see.

Love the impasto. And find the high key so beautiful, so hopeful.
Thank you!

There's a lovely fold song called October Roses. When I get home, I'll look up the CD, and find a way to send you an audio copy. Lovely painting.


IMHO, this is one of your most beautiful paintings. The roses are gorgeous.

They have all said it but It is worth repeating...GORGEOUS! You have a great sensitivity to these subtle flowers...they are not"pretty" they are BEAUTIFUL thank you! Love the lightness of being!