daily painting titled Road through lavender fields

Road through lavender fields

20cm x 14cm(8"x6"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 15 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


I want to travel on that road and set under one of the trees and just look at the lavender.
Beautiful, beautiful color harmony.
The cool colours in today's painting are welcome on a very hot sunny day in Toronto.
I"ve just received Roses in a Jar- it's even more beautiful than it looked on the website! I'm so happy to have it. Best regards, Judy
Hi Julian, Your trip was a real treat for you, can tell by the results of your painting. Thanks for taking us along on your visit. When you sit back and enjoy the scene you are transported there even if you do not realize it at the moment. You are blessed to have land that has remained untouched. Love this scene so restful and wonderful color choices. Have a great week.
This is just exquisite! So beautiful with its many soft colors and as usual, you are brilliant at painting shadows!! I feel as if I'm actually in this scene as the shadows skillfully pull the viewer right into the painting. Well done, Julian. I am so jealous of your talent! Elaine
Having been painting with you in Provence this summer adds a whole new perspective to the virtual enjoyment of your work Julian. This is sublime, I can feel and smell the warm sweet air and imagine the click of the cicada's and hum of bees and Ruth's cheerful, cajoling voice!! Perhaps little Louie was there too running in and out of the shadows with squeals of delight at finding a bigger than ever snail perhaps! Oh, the everlasting joy of that experience. This painting is simply exquisite and somehow embraces so much of what you gave so generously to us in that week....never mind the mistral and lack of "summer" warmth, there was enough love, encouragement and generosity of spirit shared in our group to put summer in our hearts forever!
Beautiful colors, Julian. I missed your paintings, but I figured you had that workshop going on. I look forward to seeing your second painting.
I really like this:)
One that lingers on..Love it.. Thank you Julian.
So beautiful. Love those shadows. (BTW The "English"Ladies, plus a husband, had reunion last week - and it was better than fab. So thank you again for all that you and Ruth and Louis gave on our course x
Hi Julian, Beautiful, beautiful blues, and how right Elaine is about the shadows; not being a painter, I wasn't paying attention to them until I read her comment. This comment section alone is an education, and Susie Caulton's appreciative comments brought tears to my eyes.