daily painting titled Old route to Crillon-le-Brave

Old route to Crillon-le-Brave

18.6cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 4 September, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Love the way the blue sky turns to pink as it nears the mountains.
What I like about this painting is that it breaks all the rules, and works splendidly.
I love the lead in to this painting and how the road is lightened by sunlight in the near distance - yet it doesn't jump forward because of the slightly cooler colour.
I do love the way you say so much with so little. Your work is always wonderful, Julian.
The sky and ground works well together - génial
Another great road painting ! Brings to mind the time when roads followed the earths contours - not like now where they bludgeon straight on through.
Historical daydreaming. Sunday,on April 1625 13:09 PM Weather forecast:sunny warm no wind pink sky dry vegetation,no rain in the afternoon. The horse-drawn stagecoach,on the point of coming into the picture,by the left side,is hurtling down the gravel road at full gallop.It is carrying Milady de Winter who has fomented a dark plot against Anna of Austria...She knows that the brave and bold Musketeers are hot on her heels! "Faster,faster,coachman! -But Madam the horses are full tilt! -Faster I say,otherwise the gallows for you!" What the lady doesn't know,it is that Julian is the coachman,so if he decided it,the stagecoach would never exist in the painting!Poor unsuspecting Milady de Winter!
It simply took my breath away.
Alain's comments create a wonderful story for this peaceful scene. Bravo!