daily painting titled Still life with Bread, cheese and knife

Still life with Bread, cheese and knife

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 15 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Wonderful light...love this.

This looks a lot like my lunches when I was traveling with friends in Normandy when I studied abroad in Dijon, France. It brings back good memories. Thanks for sharing your paintings. Susan

This looks a lot like my lunches when traveling in Normandy with friends when I was studying in Dijon, France. Thanks for the memories.

One of my favourite subject and I beleive you are the best painter of cheese and bread that I know .( It looks like that this work has really turned the head of the previous admirer...)

esta tan buena la pintura que abre el apetito, ya mismo me levanto de esta silla y tomo un troza de pan y queso, felicitaciones !!!, como siempre

Wonderful! Delicious looking! Beautiful!

You are a very good painter, thanks for sharing.

You are , surely, Julian, the master in painting bread. Bravo!

Just woke up & here you are with this scrumptious offering for breakfast. Julian, you are the man!

Something full of drama in this one,which reminds me of some still-life paintings of Goya or paintings of characters by Jacques Louis David ("The death of Marat" more particularly).Less dramatically, I feel this humble scene invites us by the positioning of the knife to share the supper;as to say:"come in and partake of the Bread and Cheese with us".

This is just perfection! I love the way you did the knife and the very dark background, Julian.

really nice, those two deft strokes of black under the cheese & bread

julian, great three dimensionality and texture. It is such a treat to get your beautiful art works every day...it's a wonderful visual gift to look forward to each day. cheers to you and your family, georgia

Love the bread, love the cheese but the shadow for the knife just does not tie in with the direction of the light for the rest of the painting. or if the bottom of the painting is a vertical plane then we need more of an indication of an edge. But my goodness I could almost smell that cheese on my screen.