daily painting titled A clementine on my easel

A clementine on my easel

12cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 24 January, 2013
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Simple and glorious. I like the way the leaf snugly hugs the clementine and the cool blue background brings out the warm glow of the fruit. Nathalie
Really beautiful colors and composition.
Darling clementines light up the winter's dull days, very nice.
Oh m'darlin, Oh m'darlin, Oh m'darlin Cl--------, You are lost and gone forever, Dreadful sorrow, Cl--------! Mouthwatering fruit! Especially off season!
Wonderful colors!
Great title for your autobiography someday, after diapers. It's been fascinating watching you and your brushes from the beginning producing masterpieces out of bread and water and little fallen birds, and, and..... And Alan too adding his lovely poetic critiques. Thanks, Julian! and where are you Alan, and Happy Birthday Ruth, late.
Love these colors together!!
Love these colors together!!
YES The Clementine's Shadow
Clementine in Blue: a novel that has something to do with jazz.
the novel was called: A Clementine on my Easel I had been working since early morn,way past three into the afternoon. I did not wish to stop but my stomach growled like a mean junk yard dog. Just this little bit more to paint on the tree tops. No the color is wrong. Oh I am so hungry...oh I can not stop to eat, I need to mix the paint while the light is good... I guess since I do not need the Clementine for a model I will enjoy it and keep on painting ~ Julia
"orange you glad to be a painter" title for a book abt a painter of oranges? (i liked the landscape at the bottom...looked like Florida) gfs
Julian , I love the blue of your background , and as Nathalie commented "love the way the leaf hugs the fruit". Superb
A Clementine on my easel A lemon in my pocket A search for inspiration, baby youv'e got it ! Keep wowing Us Julian It is January...
It's a really beautiful clementine Julian... but given the foregoing comments I can't resist honouring the mini Turner below! It had been a long night but the trawl had been heavy and the men had celebrated their exceptional catch. As he lay down on his bunk, through his porthole Jake glimpsed two more boats drifting quietly against the dawn sky. Above them the great clementine already blazed in the clear blue sky...
Yes - and what a cover page this would make
Excellent and very much my favourite subject matter. Cheers up gloomy winter days:)
I am at home,admire the painting,read the comments and like them,particularly the delicious ones of Gecko and Julia.
" La Terre est bleue comme une orange " Paul Eluard
Fantastic colours on this Julian was well worth the hunger ,nicely done. Good comments especially gecko the clementine regarding the Sun
It took me a little while to understand this painting, it made sense for me only after I read the ttle.Julian, which blue did you use which blinded me!
I do like the title - and the painting, too, with the boost of the blue paint.