daily painting titled Lady Banks' Rose

Lady Banks' Rose

16cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 2 May, 2013
Posted in Flower paintings


I'm glad there are so many flowers in bloom for you to paint - I absolutely love the month of May! Can't wait to see your next one!
Utterly lovely!! I'm seeing some beautiful (and plentiful) blossoms in Williamsburg, Virginia right now and this painting of yours would give them all a run for their money! I'm so jealous of your talent.
Another beauty Julian. Nothing like flowers especially yellow to brighten the space. Love your amazing touch. Have a great weekend this first week of May.
Julian, What a beautiful painting,,, looks like an old masters painting,, but you are new. A new Master!! Kudos.
Bloomin' lovely
Hi Julian , keep them coming as long as there are new blooms to paint. Just lovely!! Thanks Craig
Poor roses, really should have some water Julian. Gorgeous picture though, wish I wasn't committed spending-wise so I could bid 4 it
And one of the matted yellow petals, thanks to the mysterious desire of the artist, turned into a bright sun, by the door ajar...
How lovely! Whose words are these?
How lovely! Who wrote this?
Thank you. Who wrote this? Just an average block (and that's fine) living in Paris who fortunately met the works of Julian and their mysterious poetic charm and above all, hidden meanings. Best regards
Definitely not average! Julian, you see the transforming power your art has!