daily painting titled Road with Poppies

Road with Poppies

18cm x 14cm (5½"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 May, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


You're just good! Love them all. I look forward to just letting you do all the work for we painters. For you it doesn't look like work at all. Do you ever give workshops in France? I cooked for Brugnon when workers came to pick, and I played my banjo and drank plenty of good Champaign every night. My daughters high school friend married TiTi B. and while the marriage lasted I had the pleasure of helping in the kitchen with Yasmin. who grew up with me like a second mother. So much for me, I just think once in a while you should know what a pleasure seeing your colors gives me, and now, several of my Berkeley friends. Best regards, LaWanda
So beautiful and reminiscent of the countryside there. I'd also like to know if you do workshops in France. I feel that you are someone one could learn a lot from. Amicalement, Lorraine
Sunny weather...However, because of the vertical blue brushstrokes in the sky it seems raining! Artistic mirage. A serpentine humble road reflecting the sky is seeping through rustling flowers and haughty dark trees, leading us to...It's the secret of the artist. But thanks to the wonderful tiny dabs of orange colours like a garland of fragmented suns in the trees on the left, I guess that this secret is...The seeking of Happiness.
Love it. I can smell the fresh Spring air and of course, the glorious poppies!
WOW. I love it. Reminds me of a road trip in the Dordogne I took with my late husband! Deann I would also like a class in France!
Very good paintings. My aunt live in Malaucene and your paintings remind me the last time I saw her.
Very good paintings. My aunt live in Malaucene and your work remind me yhe landscape I saw the last time I visit her.