daily painting titled Chemin des Demoiselles Coiffees

Chemin des Demoiselles Coiffees

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 4 August, 2005
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A real beauty. I wonder who lives there...

Yup, should have called it 'The bit we would like to buy if'


How is it that as soon as I receive your email I click to buy it and the painting's sold!? Is it a time zone problem?

Hi Mr. Merrow-Smith, I received your painting of the pear, apple and lemon. It is so beautiful. It makes my mouth water. Thank you. I'll look forward to buying another piece of your art soon. Best regards, Brenda Nashawaty

I saw your story in the NTY, very cool method. I have so many art projects going, this painting a day thing really works for me. I can do all of my art writing,art career coaching, which by the way I do for no fees, and have no guilt about not serving my discipline. GOOD for you. Sincerely, Bob Ragland- A non-starving artist in Denver,Colorado.