daily painting titled Cabin in the snow

Cabin in the snow

17cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 22 January, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Superb. I can smell the cold.
What did I say about your landscapes!!? This is such a prime example of why I love them so much!
Fab painting - And you get the sunshine along with the snow!!
Love the little tree toward the front...great depth you have in your work.
Don't know if this was done plein air but it has all the virtues of a good plein air piece. It's crisp, fresh with such a spontaneous, immediate feeling about it. Makes me feel as though I'm there with you in the snow.
how beautiful! the shadows in the snow are spectacular!!!!!
Touch of cream in the snows makes it feel warm. Love it.
Dear Julian, I can smell wood smoke and pine resin, feel the coolness in the blue shadows and taste the snow! Just a mild case of "intoxication" caused by getting lost in the painting! P.S. I am very disappointed that Alain, our surrealist poet,have decided to give up commenting. We need more Alains in this crass world.Could he be persuaded to return at some point? Anna.
Love the feel of the sunlight that you capture in your landscapes, even when there is snow on the ground. (I agree - we need Alain's comments back.)
This is one of the best landscapes you have done to date. A different motif brings things out. Excellent.
Wow-An incredibly well done painting. My favorite to date.
Saw this too late -- WISH I had bid on it & won! Wonderful!