daily painting titled Planting


20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 26 January, 2011
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I lived in Laos for four years beginning in the summer of 1967. Our compound was surrounded by rice paddies, and after the rains, it was generally the women who were planting. So perhaps it's regional. Based on tradition or necessity or availability. I've enjoyed your images of Bali. They bring back good memories of a time very well spent in SEAsia. Thank you!
Hello Julian, Another delightful, memory-evoking painting ... if I didn't know better, I'd think that you have been going through my photo library. Never fear, the camera can't yet render the balance and texture of master brush strokes. It is odd though ... rice planting was once the almost exclusive domain of women ... I must re-visit some Balinese history. I agree ...rice-planting must be a great job. Bent almost double all day in water that the health department would condem. Doesn't it make you feel deprived!
No time for this anonymous lady to gaze at herself like Narcissus:the work is too hard.In unison,the whole nature around her seems to take part in her ancestral repetitious body language.A fleeting moment forever engraved in our memory thanks to our guide.
Beautiful. Relating to Monet and Seurat but very much your own vision and subtle composition. Snowing here in NYC. When does the next flight to paradise island depart? Thank you for sharing your inspiring work!
A lovely painting, Julian. r.
Dear Julien I was moved by this lovely scene, so pastoral and yet workaday. But what got me was the way the bent figure seems to be picking up a baby from the field,almost like a mother and child. I think your feeling about mother earth came through. the whole earth and one child--Oh, those everpresent opposites!
Julian...just lovely. I find reflections very difficult to paint (but then I've been trying for only a year). I love the work you do and am enjoying my original clementine very much. I do hope your vacation is relaxing.
This is one of your best!