daily painting titled Dried roses

Dried roses

18cm x 23cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 3 September, 2014
Posted in Flower paintings


Still, but lovely though their youth has faded but not so through the painters eyes.
With all the corsages and bunches I have saved as souvenirs, I never thought to paint them, feeling they would look too...dead. You, as always, breathe life into your subjects. So evocative...
What a fabulous idea and execution!
Lovely! Both the roses idea and the painting!
Immediately I saw this it brought a sense of sadness altho your painting was excellent as always. Guess I remembered the original gift too vividly. But still, thanks , as always. Gfs
This painting is fabulous! Reminds me of Chardin's dead rabbit or Carel Fabritius's goldfinch painting the way it is composed against the wall. Love your coloring, Julian. Another masterpiece.
My wife does too and I've never tried painting them guess I'll try now she also after they are dry puts the blooms in a large glass canister they look so good
Dear Julian, a tour de force of a painting,days of vine and roses.From my hospital bed,thank you Anna.
Hi Julian , the colours of the shadow are masterful love it. Thanks Craig
Just stunning, I ALSO love the shadows.
As I have always said, Julien .... you are the "Master of Shadows". A beautiful and haunting piece. Something keeps drawing me back to this lovely painting.