daily painting titled Strawberries


18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 22 March, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow! The distinct and confidently stated dashes and daubs of various shade and hue of reds, white and ochre at a distance magically dissolve and resolve themselves into vividly real strawberries. Superb painting!
I once tasted garriguettes growing in my friend's garden near his chateau not far from Carpentras. They were warmed by the morning sun. I'll never forget it. I could eat your painting, Julian. It is exquisite!
Lucious! These look even more ripe and red than Tuesday's.....or are they the same ones? Thanks as always, julian.
Great depth and color, Julian. They look juicy.
Your reds are beautiful, and the strawberries make my mouth water they look so glossy and juicy.
Absolutely yummy!
Against each other like puppies to keep themselves warm...they are sleeping soundly. So sweet painting!
OOOOHHHH I am perishing for Carpentras strawberries. A little over month now and I'll get some. B
Lovely painting.. How do I get to Carpentras at 87? Can someone drive me there please? From U.K..Herts.. Might we see morepaintings from Essaouira Julian? Doorways, figures, squares, was there many years ago..
you can go all the way on the train now!