daily painting titled Garden roses

Garden roses

13cm x 20 cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 23 September, 2013
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Dazzling masterpiece!
Absolutely gorgeous, but are the dimensions stated really accurate? Seems really tiny!
"Garden Roses" is wonderful --- delicate and strong, elegant and earthy..... Wow. I love it!
Zowie Wowie!!
the last roses of summer? thank you, julian. beautiful.
So, so beautiful. A lovely masterpiece!
Dear Julian, quite overwhelmed with the beauty of "Garden roses"! The pink roses and their soft fragility is enhanced by the heart stopping reflections on the silver vase.The touch of darker greens and pinks on the upper left of the bouquet is masterly, adding depth and bringing the illuminated part of the foreground closer. And not one brushstroke too many! Pure poetry, I hear Chopin when I look at this painting! Anna.
Julian,this morning I have realized (once again) how daring you are,technically.That's why I like so much your works. This relates to the basis of the silver goblet,when we look at it from the left to the right:6 dashes of colors are juxtaposed: black,muted grey,orange,(divine)cobalt blue,white,mid grey. And thus you have made happen the basis of the goblet!Masterly!
Interesting observations about Julian's technique,Alain. The six dashes of pigment are very daring, but then the Meister is never timid with his brush! Anna.
I believe Louis said it all when he said "Daddy, it's gorgeous!"
A friend forwarded this to me in Canada - what a joyous painting! Will be in Paris in December - oh to find your work there!
Lieber julian!! Ich gratuliere!! Junge Hier hast du den Rest gegeben. Macht weiter so,Junge.