daily painting titled Wheatfield with Wildflowers

Wheatfield with Wildflowers

21cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 22 June, 2008
Posted in Flower paintings


I love the colors and the composition. This painting has wonderful areas of excitement and calm. It's summer solstice. Julian, you have been a great inspiration to many painters. When I need spiritual inspiration I come back here. Congratulations on 900 and counting paintings. I have not been able to log in and bid even though I have an account. Any chance you could look into why I can't contact you to fix that?
Hi Deborah, I've emailed you re. auction login. The registration process is 'double opt-in' and therefore requires you to act on the confirmation request, sometimes no doubt, these go astray. Thanks, Julian
Color.....compostion....visual expanse...outstanding!! I would never leave my La-Z-Boy..if this was the view from my window...
Color...compostion...visual expanse...outstanding..I might never leave my La-Z-Boy if this were the view from my window...Thank you for brightening my day!!
This is luscious
Flat out gorgeous!!!
I love the little house peeping out from behind all that sweep of flowers and grasses.
Hi Julian I am looking at the landscape at my CT beach house and thinking about how you might coose a perspective and compose a painting. I was en route on the day of your 900th painting. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Your paintings bring me much pleasure, especially on the grey days of winter. The Sunday painting is delightful. Thank you for your commitment to this project and carry on.