daily painting titled Route de Bedoin, Matin

Route de Bedoin, Matin

17cm x 13cm (6¾"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 11 February, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


i like this palette julian...and the chunky geometry. i must say i was kinda hoping your beautiful mimosa painting would end up in australia after all those wonderful posts about the flower's origin and the recent fires there...
Yep, me too. Maybe a print will have to suffice. I did try, but the Australian dollar is not too good at the moment. I love the light and the long shadows in this painting.
Great light in this one! Also like the looser brushwork.
Beautiful, beautiful colors
Heavenly light.. this makes me think of morandi.
You got that long morning light all right. Love the way you pared this right down to the essentials, with no fussiness. Carry on!
I always look forward to receiving your posts. Your paintings are little gems! Good composition, brushwork and color. I find your work to be very inspiring. Paint on!