daily painting titled Cock Robin

Cock Robin

18cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 18 January, 2013
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Oh dear....
Dear Website people..I SO want to, and keep trying to subscribe to the newletters, but the part of the page where I should be able to choose which I would like is "fogged over" ie, I'm unable to make a selection.. Sorry to use this avenue..the little poainting is precious....sad and beautiful
One of my absolute favorites, Julian. It says a great deal.
How many cats do you have? Fanny
Very beautiful albeit sad scene.
The painting is good but I appreciated your comment even more! Thanks for having a sense of humor in addition to your fine artistic skills.
Julian - This little gem displays an absolutely brilliant ability to capture the absence of life - and to see and evoke the world in tiny details. Such pleasure for all of us.
A tender visual eulogy. We shall remember this robin. Genuinely upsetting.
great painting - who killed cock robin ?!!!
I have my suspicions, round up the usual suspects
Definitely one of my favorites among years and years of miraculous and wonderful paintings.
Actually it may have been another robin. They are very territorial and will fight to the death. Ferocious little blighters! So don't automatically blame the moggy! They're not always the bad guys.
Staggeringly beautiful, in its own small way.. just gorgeous and arresting!
I have an early 20th century pastel of dead pheasants in my kitchen - when my twin sister visits and looks at it, she always thinks it is morbid and gross. However, I know the genre in which it was done. Your little bird is so beautiful - you paid good homage to him.
You must have been very moved by the sight of this little robin. ..painted with such delicatess Could it be the cold ? everywhere in France it is -4 or-5 degrees cent.
Wow, so beautiful and so so sad, very thought provoking........who indeed? Moggie? another cock robin? Cold? Sparrow with his bow and arrow? Very beautifully done. What did Louis think?
I think it is an amazing painting...maybe my new all time favourite! It tells us a story and just how sensitvely you felt about it. Beautiful.
Awwwww! So tender and touching and sad -- yet a gorgeous painting. The colors are exceptional! I took it to be an allegory of what is happening in Mali. Give Louis, one of the most beautiful little boys in the world, a special hug.
Profound and sad. The end of life. I watch birds all the time. Solid painting.
I'm sure you were slobbering with GLEE at such a subject falling into your lap. There is no aspect not to love in this painting. Letting that rusty under-coat show through so nicely mirrors the robin's downy feathers and also seems to give the whole image a touch of reverence.
beautiful and sad, and we still love the hunter
looking at your painting again today, its a very clever and polished painting - perhaps the cover for your second book Julian ?!!! rich
Great answer, Julian and a reminder of the way nature works. Your painting catches the colour of the robin and it will 'live' on in the image that you created.
Sad and beautiful. Worthy of a Dutch Master. Like life: wonderful but fleeting. We all need to be reminded of this every so often. Thank you.
Haunting. So skilfully done, so few brush strokes but each of them perfect. Sad and lovely.
A perfect homage, Chardin-like. Exquisite handling of the subject and the paint. I'm hoping there will be a giclee print?
Wow. Painting no. 1,879 = best yet.
i'm expecting the next painting to be of a cat with a guilty look in its eyes !!!!, perhaps with a robin secretly reflected in its pupils!!!
I love this little bird...so tenderly rendered.