daily painting titled Egg and Silver Spoon

Egg and Silver Spoon

22 x 27 cm, Oil on Linen,

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 16 January, 2006
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interesting compositon

... Wow ...

(how's that for pithy comment?)

Absolutely fabulous! I love the composition.

nice one...
reminds me of an Avigdor Arikha 'egg' - only without the naivety

Another artist said to Lucien Freud that he (Freud) new nothing of composition to which he responded that, that was what saved him.

Yes James, I do like his paintings and I recently tracked down and bought the Phaidon monograph in London in December. (see Marlborough New York).

J, oil on card

Fantastic. The Golden Section in two directions!

The Monday after the NY Times piece and life will never be the same... I think this is my favourite of the lot. Congratulations, Julian, we're so happy for you. Love J & M xxx

Is "Egg and Silver Spoon" available in a print ..Your work is more than quite billiant....!!!!! Wonderful quality, texture, light, composition...I am captivated!

This work was just printed in Domino Magazine and I have enjoyed reviewing everything on your site. I hope that you will be innundated with requests for a print of this work and can't help but agree to make it available more broadly. Put my name on the list.

I, too, saw this in Domino Magazine and would love to have this in print. I'm crushed to have seen this so late. Please do consider our requests!