daily painting titled Glass of beer

Glass of beer

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 August, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


mmmm, yummy in every way!
over here, we paint the town
So - you had to finish the painting before you could finish the beer - or did you "remember" what the beer looked like?
Absolutely brilliant!
Looks like the glass is reflecting a gorgeous sunset - perfect time for a pint. Or maybe that's a sunrise...? ;)
That's my kind of subject! Excellent.
Now that's my kind of subject! Excellent in every way.
Like the glass of scotch (print) it is perfect. The colour is lovely as is the light. I will have to try to photograph a glass of wine.
Dear Julian, such a cool, frothy and tempting glass of beer, but so lonely! Where is the cheese? Try "Fleaur de Maquis", a Corsican rustic rolled in local wild herbs. It's very late but I'm heading for la Frigidaire! Anna.
In love how the glass is half full (or half empty?) So... a little bit to start you off, and the rest was your reward for finishing? ;)
Love the touch of pink in the highlight at the top. Love the painting, too. (It's good to paint what you know - and you are one of the best.)
Half full, or half empty?
Nice ... definitely one of your Chardin moments:)
Nice one. One of the perks of painting still life is you get to taste the props...is it half full or half empty?
Excellent. One of the perks of painting still life is you get to taste the props...is it half full or half empty?
Julian this is fabulous! I hope Ruth is okay...Bxx
Like Barbara, I too have a print of the single malt -- and look forward to your collection of prints that includes this lovely glass of beer, my husband's other favorite drink. He doesn't drink it cold but the "English way" - room temp. I suspect this one is (was!) too? And will your final in the triptych be a lovely glass of red?
The atmosphere you've created to situate this single glass of beer is a painterly stroke of genius. It suggests a universal experience that extends beyond the frame of the image. Congratulations.
Ab fab. Inspiring in more ways than one!