daily painting titled Campiello Gorne

Campiello Gorne

17cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 30 October, 2015
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Very Beautiful, the light feels warm!
This is so lovely Julian! I followed the link and really enjoyed seeing Peter work. You are very gracious to share this aritist with us. You every bit as good. Stella
This is a great painting - I'm glad the sun came out. I, too , enjoyed the video.
Bellissimo! This was worth the two day rain-imposed rest! Fresh and sparkling
I am enchanted..wistful and nostalgic..can I make it there once more at 88? Love to all
Love the light and energy in this jewel. Wish I was painting there, too. (-:
I just love the way the warm light on the trees emerges so fluidly, almost like watercolor. I love them all. THANKS