daily painting titled Quince


16cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 19 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


I am working on a big painting of...3 quinces ! I wish I had seen yours before starting.. Beautiful.
Everything about this painting is perfect!
I hope Martha has gotten to lay her eyes on this baby and all yer others! Keep up the fine work!
Beautiful! I've always heard that you can make jelly from quinces.
There's a real vibrancy and illumination in your recent paintings...stunning!
I like the tiny surface irregularities of the fevered outline bathing in light as the jagged outlines of the Sun when seen in close-up.Solar still-life.
Quince jelly is well worth making. It is sharp and goes well with cheese, and also roast pork! I wish I had a tree in my garden or a few overhanging branches from next door!
Thanks for making my day more beautiful!