daily painting titled Three clementines

Three clementines

19cm x 10cm (approx 7½"x3¾"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 17 October, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Well, clearly you have not lost your touch! I am glad you are home safe and sound and love your first effort after your "hiatus" All best!
glad to see that you are back! it was so good of your wife to send a message, but she asked us not to flood you with e-mail. hope you're feeling better. happy fall and i love your paintings!
Welcome back Julian! I've missed your posts and your art. Hope you are restored to full health in short order!
Welcome back Julian! I've missed your posts and your art. Hope you are restored to full health in short order!
So, so, happy to hear you are back. All the best and take care of yourself. You certainly have not forgotten how to paint a beautiful canvas!
Welcome back! It's nice to have my postcards again, and I see that your artistic eye didn't suffer much from the time off. Continue feeling better!
Hooray! I am glad you are painting and posting again. I hope all is well.
It is grand to have you back and I hope your health is fully restored. Love the blue and orange in the clementine painting.
Julian, Conserve your energy (not an easy thing with a one year old...)- we can wait while you recover, well, maybe we can't, but it sounds empathetic to say so. You've rather spoiled us with your heretofore "daily" paintings. We missed you!
Welcome back!! Nothing was so pleasing today as seeing the familiar Postcard from Provence in my inbox. So, so pleased to see you are well and painting. And Clementines seems somehow the perfect subject. They are beautiful.
Great to know that you are feeling better! It was so kind of your wife to let us know what was happening. May those worries now be behind you all, and may this new season bring great health and joy.
Welcome back Julian. I'm so glad you have recovered and are home and painting again! The skin on those clementines knocks me out.
dear julian, we are glad to hear that you are back in the saddle your paintings brighten up our day namaste tim
Welcome back! Glad to see you're getting "back into the frame" ;) I'm sure you want to charge around and get out in the fresh air but please do take your time - we'll all still be here as you get over such a long "rest" in a hospital bed. Brilliant pic!
Welcome back, Julian! I hope that you are now fully recovered. I have missed your beautiful paintings, but look forward to experiencing autumn in Provence through your eyes and paint brush.
Welcome Back Julian. Carry on!
Well worth the wait. You had your hospital experience in confluence with my signup to get your paintings. Thought maybe I had jinxed you. Great to see this wonderful art.
What a nice surprise in my email! Welcome back, Julian! Glad to see you creating again and what a nice way to return.
Welcome back! I'm so happy that brush still knows what to do in your hand. The "Clementines" are superb. I'm ready to peel and savor their juice and flavor.
Thank God you are well and back home, Julian. All three of you must be very happy about that. And what a beautiful picture to start the new season! Welcome back.
I breathed a sigh of relief today when I saw your beautiful postcard. Thank you to Ruth for letting us know you were ill. I'm glad you are back, healthy and painting! You are an inspiration.
Nice one Julian, very good to have you back xxxxm
So glad you are well and back at home - and painting of course!
I wondered what had happened to you! I am glad you are home safe and sound. Sending healing wishes and thanks for the lovely new painting.
Thanks to Ruth for letting us know why we were not receiving your "gift" each day. This painting is amazing and it shows that your talent is still very much a part of you. Stay well and enjoy being home with your family. Thank God for all blessings.
I am so delighted to know you're recovered and painting again!
Welcome back - we have missed you! Wishing you best health
Very happy you are better! Thank you for a lovely painting. Enjoy every moment of your life!
I am so glad you are well again. I have been thinking about you and your family and definitely wishing for the best for you. Your paintings feed my soul. Carmen
..you were missed
..welcome back.
Julian, it's so good to see you in motion again, and you are still in my prayers. I never forget how you are one of those who got my own creative juices running again by starting Postcards in Provence. Beautiful work as always, and be well my friend!
Wow back with a Wow! Well done, and hope you are fully recovered - so kind of your wife to circulate news - stay well and stay painting!
Glad to see you back again and to be receiving your beautiful paintings...hope you are well and all that hospital thing is in the past... Cheers - here's to good health Sandy
I love these clementines - that peel is so rich it is practically marmalade! So glad to hear you are home and reunited with Ruth and Louis... just lovely, Julian... much love to you all Barbara
Glad that you are back in the saddle as we say in Texas. Take it easy and you will be back to 100% in no time. Randy
This is beautiful! Barely home and back at it, not missing a beat. You're amazing! Please thank Ruth for all of her updates and I'm so glad you're home and well.
great to see you are back and well! Looking forward to your daily painting.
Welcome back, Julian. Gorgeous painting.
It's hard to believe that a guy who can paint colors this rich, vibrant and alive is just back from the hospital! I'm so happy you're back and sending "postcards" again. As you can see from the comments, we have missed you greatly.
WOW, you surely have not lost your touch, those clementines are superb! Sooo happy to have you back to the drawing board. Best wishes and best of health to you!
WOW, you surely have not lost your touch, those clementines are superb! Sooo happy to have you back to the drawing board. Best wishes and best of health to you!
So glad you're recovered. Your daily emails were sincerely missed. Welcome back!
So glad to have you back and that you are doing well. I love your work. It is very inspiring to me as an artist. Thank you.
It's great to see you back, Julian. I've been thinking of you, and hoping that you are now doing well. And another beautiful painting for all of us to enjoy.
Dear Julian, So glad you are back in action! So amazing how life can change in an instant. F
So thrilled to see your email drop into my box! The first painting of your "season of recovery" made me smile because over the summer I've become rather addicted to chilled, freshly juiced Clementines. Great choice and handling. Glad you're back, Lee California
It is very good to hear about you again and also to see your worK ! Hope that everything will go very well now, Fatima
Sweet! My daily visual appreciation/inspiration is back! Glad to see it:)
So glad that you are better..I love your work..it inspires me Thanks Nancy rogers
Bienvenu!!!!!!!!! Having had a "strokelet" myself (we weren't SURE you had one -- hope not) I empathize. Amazing what stress can do. Is it possible for us to see what the long-awaited Louis looks like? A 1 year-old would have to be asleep in order for you to make a portrait for us. Ruth, am sure you are glad to have your hubby back! Love to all 3 of you.
Welcome home Julian!!! I am so glad you are back. I have missed your beautiful painting emails enormously. and many happy birthday wishes to Louis, Best Regards, Maud
My inbox is full of emails this is the best one
Welcome back!.....it?s really made my day to see you in my In box. I was just showing your book to someone yesterday and saying how much I?ve been missing your emails. Hope you?re fully recovered ? great painting too!
Gorgeous as always, and so very nice to see that you're up and running. Stay well.
Welcome back! It is a joy to see your work! I missed this pleasure in my mailbox. I hope you are recovered; you are obviously back to painting beautiful images!
The world is right again with your painting arriving in my inbox. I'm so very glad you are well and painting.
What a comeback! Fantastic Thank God you are home. Are you affiliated to any galleries in England and do you only sell your work through this auction site? warmest regards to you and your family
So glad to see you're home and back to work. Obviously, you were missed.
welcome home, not just to yr lovely home in provence, but to yr place in all of our minds, our hearts and our eyes. thanks for going at the painting so quickly. a nice surprise! gfs
Dear Julian, Your an answer to prayer. God is good. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms. You still have it brother. Blessings, Don Krause
I am so glad that you are back home and painting again! My prayers were answered!!! God Bless You and your beautiful family.Love, Diane
This painting is stunning! Welcome back to my inbox :)
Welcome back Julian! And what a beautiful painting! I hope you get an 'Indian Summer' this year, drawn out mellow days to soak up some healing and wonderful family times.
Ahhh. Glad you are back. Glad your painting is as rich and evocative as ever.....
What a pleasure to see you painting again!
WayHay Yr Back ! So good to see Pictures from Provence in my inbox. Please take yr wife's good advice and take one day off a week!
So glad to see you're back and painting again. Thanks to Ruth for letting us know and so have not flooded your box with messages. Hope you're 100% really soon. Hope to finally meet you the next time I'm in your area. Myra Patin Colorado Springs, CO
Welcome back, Julian. You were missed. Glad to hear that you are now home and feeling well enough to be back at the easel. Wishing you continued good health. Best, R Takeyce
So happy to see you on my email. God bless. karen e. Nyc
I'm glad that your health has returned and that you are back home in Bedoin with your family. Your return to painting is a perfect example of your talent in creating sensuous images with light and colour.
Welcome home! Great to know you are OK! Thank you to your wife for her email and a huge thank you to you for sharing your beautiful work with us once again. Anita
Ditto to all the above comments! Welcome back and stay well.
AMEN! To all the comments!
The clementines are wonderful ... the news of your return to the real world even better. Take care and good health. Bob.
Yay!! Welcome Back Julian!! We missed you and your beautiful paintings! Wishing you the best of health in future days. Love your new creation!
Julian, a new baby joined our family and your painting was in my inbox. The world is brighter today.
I was thinking about you tonight and said a little prayer for you. I have missed you and your paintings so much, and I'm so glad you are fine now. Your painting is really good - love the touch of blue in back of the clementines. Evelyn
I was just thinking of you today. Beautiful painting! Glad you are back home. Daniel
Ecstatic to get your beautiful postcard today! Hope you are feeling better. Best wishes :)
So very happy and relieved that you are back from hospital and working again. I very much missed seeing your artwork. I admire your economical brushwork, use of limited colour, and spot on composition. I have saved all your emails and refer to them for inspiration when doing my own art. Stay well.
Dear Julian, Cheers! So glad to know that you are back and started painting again. Beautiful work as usual!!! Wish you all the best for a healthy and many many years of painting. Kusum
Well I am glad that you are back, obviously hospital has sharpened your paintbrush because these three little beauties are stunning. Happy late birthday to your little lad as well.
Beautiful piece as usual Julian. So good to have you back, hard not to flood you with emails but seems there are a lot of us out here who missed you! :)
Well, you can see we were all worried about you! Lovely to see you back and in good form ... nice painting.
Welcome back Julian. It's good to have you back safe and well. Regards Robert.
What a wonderful surprise this morning to see these delightful "Three clementines"! With all my heart,thank you.
Auguri Julian! Great to see you & your wonderful paintings are back ... much love to you, Ruth & Louis, and (belated?) Happy Birthday to the little one xox
You were missed - big time. Welcome home.
Welcome back and glad you are up to painting once again. I missed your daily paintings.
Julian, I didn't know you had been in the hospital. you bring so much joy to so many (look at all these emails) I certainly hope you are back 100%! So pace yourself, all you friends and admirers are cheering for you. God bless you, Sr. Ellen Turner
Ditto to all above.....I'm so relieved your home with your family and recouperating ...quickly I pray. The clementines are lovely, dark and mysterious. They make me thing of three actors taking their final bow on stage.
How wonderful that you are well and home. I've missed your beautiful art and love these gorgeous clementines. All the best to you and your family.
Welcome back, Julian. I've missed you! Hope you are feeling well.
WELL DONE MY FRIEND! Ca me fait très plaisir! Bise. Nick
Many thanks everyone, it is great to be back and to feel so welcomed!!
Julian: What is there left say? But I might as well get my 2 cents in. So good to see you back and in the swing! Obviously you haven't lost a step or a brush stroke. Stay well!
Glad you are back! ... and on such excellent form
Feel better soon. I am just home from the Hospital after a knee replacement so I know a little of what you have experienced. Love the latest painting!
Welcome home !!!!!