daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 21 March, 2014
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This one, Julian, is one of your most bold paintings! Pure piece of art. You have literally sculpted the face with lights and shadows as a magical artist living on the mount Olympus. And nearly all the outlines seem to vanish through the enigmatic background. This portrait is worthy of Franz Hals paintings. Metaphysical representation. Bravura work.
My condolences, Julian, on the loss of your father.
A message of sympathy for your loss. it is such a huge rite of passage to have the parents moved on. i hope his wisdom is clearly manifested through you and your tremendous creativity. it is a great joy to have your offerings come to my home each day. Thank You
How brave you are to look in the mirror in this time of sorrow and loss, and see yourself in your father and your father in yourself. Deepest sympathies from an unknown admirer of your art and your candor.
Pure art Julian. An amazing piece of work. Powerful and insightful and bold and angry. My condolences for your loss.
So sorry for the loss of your dad. ?
Your self-portraits are almost my favorites. This one is especially poignant because of your father's death, but also one of the most moving. Thank you for that. He and I share an age. What a joy to have your work come here daily, and of course I have your book. Thank you for all of it.
I'm so sorry for your loss Julian, my deepest condolences to you and your family.
Wonderful portrait Julian. May your father Rest in Peace. X
Julian - the comparisons are inevitable - my dad passed 5 years back and every now and then an old acquaitence of his will see me across the street or somewhere and holler out "Hi Doc!" (my dad) - makes me glad and worried at the same time - re: do I look like I'm 85? From the photos you've posted of him, he looks like a great old guy. Best wishes
My condolences, Julian. It's sad to lose those good old ones but we have our sweet memories.
Julian, please accept my most sincere condolences. A real treasure of a painting. Bless You Julian.
A very beautiful self portrait.
Tremendous portrait. The pain and the loss.. Miss them forever ... Close in age here
My condolences to you and your family, may you heart be filled with the joy of your time with him. I lost my father 14 years ago and I still think of him everyday. Blessings Fred
So sorry for your loss.
I wept as I viewed your strong work....been following you for a year or more...never commented before. My wife and I cared for her mom in our home, bedridden 2 years before passing at 95....I'm on chemo maintenance, lost all my hair...it's back now and my most precious times are chatting with my children, (all middle 40's and older), and their children....8 grandkids....one paints with me. As a pastor, continuing at same church for 35 years now, I'm additionally close to the power and shadow of death over people's life, and as I turn 67 next month I'm hearing my own mortality bell start to ring a little more and more. Your painting has challenged me to do a self portrait, which I propose to do with thanksgiving for the father and son minutes that have made life sweet. Your work has inspired me and touched me at the deepest level today....I think of Rembrandt's painting of the return of the prodigal as I look at the light and dark in your painting....great job...well done. If you're ever in the Napa Valley, stop by for a drink and a bottle of my Cabernet Sauvignon...you deserve it.
So sorry Julian to learn of your loss. You and yr family are like family to me because of yr paintings and Ruth's and your book and her blog so I am feeling yr loss a bit. Shall hope that Spring with its feeling of renewal brings some comfort. Thank you as always, grace.
Sorry for your loss Julian, Seen a great documentary on Rembrandt during the week and for some reason I was thinking of you working away in your studio keep up the great work
shouldn't you keep this one rather than auctioning it? competition somewhere? exceptionally strong.
My condolences Julian. Death is so final but we live on through our parents. I love your self portraits. Bold brushstrokes.
With love and sympathy on the loss of your father. He would have been very proud of you.
Dear Julian, I am so sorry for the loss of your father. Prayers and sympathy for you and your family. Best regards, Mary Anne
Julian, everyone expressed such perfect reflections and condolences, there is little to add. I'm so sorry for your loss. My dad passed away in November, and that's almost the very last of that generation...it's hard to see them go, and still the wonderful memories will always be with us. Your portrait is an explosion of energy....it seems to have been painted in one breath. Thank you for sharing..it all.
My thoughts are with you Julian. Such a powerful self portrait. Thank you for all the joy you bring to so many people through your work.
So sorry about your father. Your portrait well shows the loss.
So sorry about your father. Your portrait well shows the loss.
My condolences on the loss of you father Julian. My thoughts are with you and thank you for the pleasure you bring to so many of us with every painting.
Beautiful painting Julian. I bet your dad was really proud of you.
Dear Julian, Am so very sorry about your father's death. I am glad he lived to see you become such a successful artist, husband and father. You surely made him proud! The loss of a parent always leaves a hole inside, am sure you will miss him. Your portrait is wonderful, the daily work sure pays off and you are an inspiration. Let me know if you ever do a winter workshop on still lifes!! love to you, Ruth and Louis. Jessie
It is a difficult time to lose a parent.Reflections of a parent lost do remain for life in so many ways,like when we look in the mirror or remember them by saying "my father said that"!So in ways they live forever within us.The final curtain is one of life's very real realities over which we have no control and we all in time surrender to it.Good thing we can keep them in our hearts.I hope he lived well Julian.
So sorry to hear about your Dad.
Julian, So sorry to hear the sad news. Take care.
Julian, My sincere condolences to you, Ruth and Louis on the death of your father. The loss of a parent is a milestone, treat it tenderly.
Julian-this self-portrait is breathtaking. And, my deep condolences on the passing of your father.
Very powerful and strong. This is full of grief, loss, depth, strength, and wisdom. I am thinking of you, Ruth, and Louis.
One writer, Mitch Albom, wrote:"Death ends a life, not a relationship." You will always have a relationship with your father. I send you and your family my condolences. G. Kyle
At first glance, I thought this painting was a quick, and very loose self portrait. You obviously resemble your father. What a very special piece you have created!! May I pass on my sympathy along with all the others here? I can fully understand your loss. I still miss my parents and am now slowly losing my husband of 55 years to Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma-type of cancer. He will be 77 on March 29th. Again, my very deepest sympathy, Julian.
A stunning portrait that encapsulates the full range of emotion I imagine you must be experiencing in this rite of passage. My deepest sympathy to you, Ruth and Louis in the loss of your Father.
I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Love and hugs, dear Julian
I am very sorry to hear your dad died. He must have been very proud of you and the life you carved out for yourself and your little family. How wonderful that you can see him in your self-portrait, which as always, are my very favourite of your incredible paintings.I hope the painting process helps with your grief. Jennie
My condolences on your loss Julian. A great portrait.
Beautiful painting, just beautiful. Sincerest condolences to you and your family Julian, Tania
Sorry to hear of your loss. You are in our thoughts.
My deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your dad. Your portrait was powerful and moving- it felt like his spirit carrying forward through you and your great talent.
Thinking of you as ever. It is a wonder the human heart can endure so much. You have your own son to hug now and that is a wonderful thing. G
Julian, this has a nice contemplative expression which fits well with your loss. My condolences on the loss of your father. Mine passed last year about 3 months after his 87th.
My apologies, Julian. I misunderstood and thought that was a painting of your father - so sorry. As I said, I thought it was a self portrait - and here I was correct, after all! Someone else commented on your sculpting a face with oils, and you certainly do! Wonderful piece, and again, my sincere sympathy goes out to you.
I am new to your website, but have eaten those Carpentras strawberries and smelled the fragrance of the scotch broom. Love the left eye of your Dad,s portrait. I need to get back there. the Perigord region is just not the same. I miss the cherry trees, and the dentelles. I think your dad would love his portrait. My best to you, Reven Fellars
I'm sorry to hear your father passed away, Julian. May your heart still always feel his love for you and your family. Honor your father in living fully, as he would want you to. Again, I'm sorry for your pain. As far as your portrait, this is probably my favorite. It is very straightforward, and the touch of blue in your eye is supurb!
Sorry for your loss. Thank you in the same moment for this self-portrait so full of life. Best wishes to you and your family. Laura
Hi Julian , very sorry to hear of your loss , it is beautiful to read the words of love and condolence here.I pray that as you read and meditate on these messages you will feel encompassed in their love. Know God loves you , He will be true to His word and be The God of All Comfort , if you will allow Him. It is beautiful how your art touches the lives of so many , and that so many can relate , and have shared their pain and struggles hear. I also can relate , my wife is in hospital now undergoing chemo for Acute Leukemia and Granulocytic Sarcoma. Thanks Craig PS the painting is lovely
so sorry julian for the loss of your dad. he must have been so proud of you.
My condolences to you and your family Julian, last Thursday I also lost my father-in-law at the age of 91. May the Lord welcome them both with outstretched arms and give them eternal rest. Anthony Vella
I'm so sorry for your loss, Julian. I enjoy receiving your daily paintings, and the self-portraits are a special treat. This is a good one; I like the occasional strokes of bold color. Your comment on one of your earlier self-portraits has remained in my mind. It was addressed to your father, and it said, "Still trying to grow into that space above my head." Thanks. I liked that. Take care.
It's been great to be receiving your paintings over the years. My condolences on the loss of your father.
Just Keep doing what you are doing, and feel more joy, God bless you for sharing it
All my support in this hour of grief. Alain
Dear Julian, seeing your portrait today I instantly knew you were suffering. Not the usual misery of the ups and downs most artists live with, but something very acute and so it was. Your face in the portrait is pinched and in pain, looks childlike and yet strangely very much older. I can only say I am sorry, very sorry for your loss and all the torment that losing a parent brings with it. Thank God you have a large family and your beloved Ruth and little Louis.I hope the support that are here for you today gives you some measure of comfort. We love your paintings and your unique and beautiful way of communicating through your brushes and paints.Please take care and again my condolences. Anna.
didn't read the 59 above yet this morning, but, oh, Pa. so sorry.
This is a sad time for you,,death isn't a loss, it's just passing into another phase.. Try to believe this, my husband died recently and this. Thought helped me a lot. I have enjoyed your paintings so much for a long time. I look forward to every day and a new painting,, thank you. Norah
My condolences, losing a parent is hard.. The self portrait is excellent and garners lingering second and third looks.
Please accept my sincere comdolences in the loss of your dad. Such a difficult time. My thoughts are with you.
Heartfelt condolences on your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. And thank you for brightening my days with your paintings.
I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you will suffer less in time. Wonderful portrait. Keep going!
Julian, so sorry for your loss. I was 41 but suddenly felt unexpectedly young and abandoned when my parents died. I think perhaps I see a little of this in your beautiful, raw and open self portrait. Your paintings mean a lot to me, thank you for sharing them. Take care Julian and be gentle with yourself.
Have been wrestling with a selfie lately so am thankful for the inspiration again here Julian - thank you. So very sorry for your loss, my dear teacher. "Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children." -Bill Cosby
Please accept my sincere condolences. It is never easy to accept the death of a parent. Hopefully, you have peace and good memories to support your spirits, along with your beautiful wife and son.
Julian: Terribly sorry to hear about your father. Mine passed many years ago but he lives on in my mind and in the person I am. As a lifelong graphic designer and sometime illustrator, I must say I love your work.
Julian, after reading the above comments I realize we are ALL part of your family and we all feel your loss in some way. I so hope you can feel the love and caring we all have for you and your family. Grace
Your father had a long life in which he saw you become a successful painter, a husband and a father. I hope that this enriched the final years of his life. Barbara
Hi Julian, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. Thank you for letting us know, and for sharing this wonderful portrait with us. I know this can be a difficult time, but I hope you enjoy sharing special memories of him with those that you love. Sincerely, Gina