daily painting titled Vase of peonies

Vase of peonies

40cm x 30cm, oil on linen Painting status: Work in progress
Daily painting for Wednesday 13 June, 2018
Posted in Flower paintings
Tags: wip


I love seeing the painting alongside the setup. Your paintings of peonies have been incroyable!
A beautiful abundance of lavishly painted petals!
Absolutely gorgeous. Your paintings are wonderful.
This is amazing!!! I LOVE seeing the setup!
I am totally awed by your superb treatment of all those petals! Thank you for sharing them.
It is very interesting to see a photograph compared with a painting. I hope you will do more of this, please? I have photographs of the scenes Van Gogh painted in his asylum, and the matching paintings are SO much more expressive than the plain photographs, for instance.