daily painting titled Old mas near Entrechaux

Old mas near Entrechaux

19cm x 12cm (approx 7½"x4¾"), oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 4 March, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Missed you last week, but know you enjoyed your short break! I have just gotten myself an Alla Prima Pochade Box, the Blackfoot model, built by Ben Haggett, who is also a painter. I am busy setting it up, attaching tripod, etc. Now, to get busy with my brushes! Happy (almost) Spring! All the best, Sandra
Absolutely stunning!
In short,an adorable color harmony.
Ces couleurs et ce paysage ma fait toujour envie d'une verre de vin
You are my inspiration!!! Keep 'em coming!! All the best, Sandra
Cette couleurs et ce paysage ma fait toujours envie d'une verre de vin
Beautiful painting, Julian. I so appreciate hearing about your family adventures. Would love to have seen a picture of little Louis in the snow resisting the sunglasses. Adorable.
Great feel of light in this painting, Julian. You never disappoint. I always look forward to seeing your paintings.
I'm glad to her that you were out with your family. I was getting worried -- seems like some of your other fans were somewhat concerned also. Again, your painting lifts my spirits and is a joy to behold. The colors are absolutely stunning!! Jeannine
The colours are just beautiful!
A lovely picture with soft colours that herald spring. Louis sounds as if he has definite boundaries, but speeding down a hill on a toboggan is not one of them.
Julian, the light is so beautiful. You really caught the light of spring and that deep shadow on the side of the building...wonderful. I can feel the ground beginning to stir.. Best to you and your family Rebecca
Good to have you back.I hope you enjoyed your break. Beautiful picture Julian. Regards Robert.