daily painting titled L'heure du dejeuner

L'heure du dejeuner

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 17 March, 2017
Posted in Landscape paintings


Lovely painting with very evocative atmosphere. I really like the brushwork, handling of colour on the buildings. Also the way that the bright hues draw in the eye. I feel I've been there! Really enjoyable picture. I am interested in the easel that I've seen you use in videos. Is it a commercial one or did you make it? It's like a photo tripod with a box on top...
...love the light in this painting .It is blinding and it sparkles!
Love this! So evocative of market day. Amazing sublimation of detail. The green umbrella is gorgeous
You are a GRANDMASTER of painting!!!! Bravo! YOU!!!!
elle est magnifique ! bravo.
I love this Julian!!! Fabulous painting!
Beautiful! My daughter is teaching English to French children this school year in Carpentras...I really appreciate your view of this town!!!
I am returning to painting after 40 years. I have loved your postings .It has brought me enormous pleasure.But now as a painter with my sensibility heightened, I see even more of your skills your simple strokes,how you compose, and the color sense you have. I am very different in my style of painting. I use wall paint to produce portraits I am told seem to be in a very German Expressionist style.. But no matter I can appreciate and find pleasure in what you create... and... can learn from your creations Thank you for sending these paintings out and bringing us all such pleasure.
Love this one!
Hi Alan, it's made in the US by Ben Haggett: https://alla-prima-pochade.myshopify.com/Alla-Prima-pochade