daily painting titled Lemon


20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 December, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


When life gives you lemons make a painting of them!
Basics are Good we like basics, poetry in simplicity.
Jeffrey and Louisa..very good comments... will remember... And a lovely Lemon....hard to paint.. and such subtle colours...
Dear Julian,a plump and shiny smug little lemon, no angst here! I like the coffee rings or is it wine, on the board. Nice mess! Anna H.
I like the subtle distribution of blue that starts from the background,lapping the lemon in its shade and drawing a fragmented circle on the abstract support.And during this time,the white-hot sun shines shines,locked in the illuminated lemon.
I have been following you for years Julian. You are one of my painting heroes, someone whose level of skill and brilliant brushwork I aspired to achieve in my painting. Recently however, you seem to be less and less engaged with your subject matter. You have never done anything badly? don't think you can. But what you have done (mostly) in the past months lacks the verve and creativity that you used to bring to each and every painting. I have a huge file of your work on my desktop to attest to your genius. I can understand why you might be a bit burned out?you have been doing the daily thing for a very long time now. Maybe it's time to do a weekly or monthly instead and bring back a little more depth and TLC to the process. You are so gifted. Don't waste your gifts on churning out daily postcards anymore, (unless you are truly inspired to a particular one). It's beginning to look as though you are fulfilling an obligation rather than having fun. Re think this commitment and then do some AMAZING art, as only you can do.
Every now and then I do something that I feel is fairly successful, but that has always been the case. I really wouldn't paint if I didn't think I was, however slowly, adding to my skills and my experience. Every one is a battle, some may just bear the scars more than others.