daily painting titled Apple Half

Apple Half

11.5cm x 13cm (4½"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 4 February, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


One of the most beautiful, richest and subtle paintings you have done, this is wonderful Julian
This piece encapsulates for me your progress as an artist over the last few years, A subtle masterpiece in light, shadow and colour.
Julian, I love this painting. The colors you used a perfect together. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Best, Connie
Wow, this is just beautiful, there are no other words to describe this. Okay, well maybe two more: absolutely magnificent!
Simply poetic... the small things in life, in your artistic hands, take on new dimension... thanks for this gem!
This is absolutely staggering. I have been staring for over half an hour at this masterpiece. Thanks for this gift!
Wonderful apple, and composition, too. When I really get hooked by a painting, I always look to see how it's designed. Something like puzzle pieces coming together, chiming with each other. Thanks for a great eye treat! Great work.
WOW upside down spells MOM, dumb joke but I had to say it. But Julian really WOW!
This is absolutely exquisite...
Amazing. Just amazing. The skin has all the variations in color that a real apple has. And the creaminess of the flesh - the color.... well, I don't actually see it as a color - I see it as the inside of an apple. I want to eat it! It doesn't occur as a painting. It occurs as an apple. Thank you!
Nice idea.
A symbol of the light of love: by candlelight, the two parts of this "Apple Half" are kissing passionately. The lady on the left, radiant with joy and the man in the shade(a shy person certainly) )are over the moon. And the magnificent red colour of their bed underneath seems to symbolize their romance, so vivid... As affecting for me as "The jewish bride" painted by Rembrandt.
That horizontal plane opens a secret apple world. Just a magnificent painting. I'll study it for a long time. Susan
The rendering of the core draws our eye to the yellow green of the apple's interior. Your paint creates a texture that stimulates our taste buds. Of course, I wondered what kind of apple it is and I wanted to have one.
Since the original is sold to a very lucky buyer, I hope it reappears as a giclee. Lovely!