daily painting titled Morning road through poppy fields

Morning road through poppy fields

20cm x 13cm (approx. 8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 7 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wonderful, wonderful color. I don't know if these were the colors you actually saw, but you've presented them so marvelously, harmonized them so well that I believe totally in your landscape. And very much wish I could be on that road walking toward those poppies!
Hello Julian, my lovely aunt Ann Aslan introduced me to your site, and I've really enjoyed it these last few months. I just thought I'd let you know that Ann died this morning after a very brave fight against cancer. She died at home here in Rinsey, Cornwall with her husband Clive by her side. She used to talk about you, and gave me your Peeled Clementine card at Christmas. I've since started painting still lifes. All the very best, Ingrid
I just love this one, so loose yet each stroke so defining. Linda
Perfect weather: perfect painting. That makes sense. Love it! dorothy
Love those brush strokes! And the colours.... I am still practicing... in the ENGLISH sun!!
I love your landscapes. This one is very pretty - I took oil painting lessons a very long time ago, while living in Germany; glad I did!
so beautiful. that blue behind the tree is genius!
I was about to say the same about the perfect painting for the perfect weather....yeah, I'll ay it anyway. Great!
That mix of colours is marvellous. Going to squeeze out all of them on palette andhave a go. Hope you received Matisse article, written about 7 years..given limited space to write-hence shorthand-style. Wonderful area.
Loose and lovely! I'm sure the workshops went well, no matter what the weather - just to be on location with you would be a treat, I'm sure.
Wow! (okay, so that's not literary or even original, but WOW!!). Love the colors. I've just finished the book Cherries From Chauvet's Orchard and enjoyed it immensely. Until now, the only "postcard" I'd seen was on the book's cover- and that was great. This is wonderful too!
Yes, I noticed that stroke of blue too behind the tree. I never would have thought of that! As usual, loose, simple and beautiful. I would have worked that scene to death and absolutely spoiled it!! Well done! Thank you, Julian for my visual treats. Elaine