daily painting titled St. Mark's  from Castello

St. Mark's from Castello

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 26 October, 2013
Posted in Paintings of Venice


love the bright red and white against the subdued background...
This is so different that your country plein air. The atmosphere is very real here. Well done as usual.
With just a few quick but refined strokes, I can here the water lapping. This painting talks to the ear as well as the eye. Incredible.
So interesting to see both yr painting (lovely) and yr photo. (On Facebook)thanks Julian and Ruth.
Julian I'm really enjoying this series of Venice. We were there last month and loved it. As always well done!
"Gloriously" beautiful!
Dear Julian, An unerring touch of a few bright spots in the foreground (and the whitecap swell by the small boat further away) makes for a wonderful illusion of space, St Mark's and the distant waterfront rising out of the lavender grey mist. Anna.
A very nice series of paintings the winners of these beauties will have pleasure for years to come. Venice is a magical place, enjoy it. Very Best Wishes.
don't think just paint...wonderful spontaneous feeling... your understanding of water is inspiring...would love to own it...
You send me. I feel it. You are tooooodamn good! I look forward everyday to your work. Best regards from California. Come out here and paint our new bridge. LaWanda
Nice! I can feel the atmosphere.