daily painting titled Evening Sky, Torimbia

Evening Sky, Torimbia

17cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 12 September, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Shazam! This is gorgeous. It takes my breath away (yet again)
Yesterday "Morning, Borizu", today "Evening Sky": a meditation about the sands of time running. Unrelentingly. The colours of the sky still show the beauty of the day. But the disappearance threatens. Lights out. To be or not to be. No tracks of a feast, no reflections of the stars on the sea; just repetitious sounds of waves dying on the beach (oh no, don't die please!). A bit of blue sky still gives the illusion of life. "Sounds", "blue": words comforting a little... Mechanically, I am listening to my regular breath, like a deep wind, a staccato seaward wind filling my heart, brain, muscles; " I'm alive, alive, hmmm, alive", I'm roaring like a fool! This word "alive" is intoxicating. I know, I hope, there will be a next day, like before.
I stop here every day to see your amazing paintings and I don't believe I've ever left a comment but this painting! It captures so perfectly that moment between day and day's end that it took my breath away.
In Spain? Beautiful colorful sky darkening to those rosy and deep lavender hues just before the sun winks goodnight...