daily painting titled Snow Storm over Mestre

Snow Storm over Mestre

28cm x 18cm (9¾"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 December, 2008
Posted in Marine paintings


I am very intrigued to see how you treat snowy clouds and a crisp blue sky. Love it. Very unique! Thanks for taking me there!
Like a swarm of snow birds fleeing the impending storm, the clouds build over Venice. I love the energy Julian.
I love the sheer exuberance and swashbuckling energy of this tumult...
Beautifully lively.
(fiction) Through the window:"Oh boy, what a dramatic sky, today! Quick, quick! I'm going to prepare my pallet, my easel... Holy cow where is my rag? Yes I'm in a fine fettle today, I'm feeling like a million bucks!" So the artist is getting down to work. The paintbrush begins to wriggle, sometimes softly, sometimes furiously...A hand-to-hand combat, a race against the time..."Damn it, clouds are altering...Quick...the shapes, catching hold of the tones,don't forget the halftones...Goodness, I'm in a sweat, my glasses become cloudy..." The Voice of Conscience suddenly whispers:" Please stop now! Don't go on! Your painting is finished!" Already,the weather outside is not just the same...
Beautiful Julian and Alain
bravo! both of you
Merci beaucoup to you, Jennifer b and gfs.
I am a newly registered member and your last picture has prompted me to write to you for the first time in order to put some questions to you. 1. I am wondering how do you manage to keep your colours so fresh, so distinct from one another , do you use Liquine or another medium ? 2.do you use hog hair brushes? My mail is all about techniques but I am a frustrated painter. Nevertheless I enjoy opening my mail to find your work, it is like a bed time story every night! Thank you Monique