daily painting titled Route with Cypresses

Route with Cypresses

12cm x 18cm (4¾"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 27 August, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Atmospherically alien..
Disconcerting picture! Hieratic. The road is so narrow.The sky is parcelled out. Broken. Even the thin shadows are like bars. Fortunately there is an interval between the grieving trees, a space, like a breath, a breath of air, of life. Fortunately, the weather is sunny, perhaps a lot of wind slightly bends the trees; Wind, movement, hope,life... Fortunately, the fragmented mountains in the distance are blue like the patch of sky on the upper left, in which the brushstrokes look like nose cones...Elevations, elevation of soul. The painter here reaches the transcendence and simply conveys a highly expressionist feeling. Shattering.
Wow! This reminds me of the 'twelve apostles' rock formations in the sea on the southern coast of Australia. Very dramatic.
Such a feeling of distance - of a journey just begun - towards the mountains.
Great design in its eloquent simplicity. Love it, Julian
wonderful painting, wonderful collection of your work in this blog. thank you for sharing. r.
I hope, Julian,that everything is okay. From one of your devoted admirers.
Inspiring! Love the composition!
I've been struck by how somber this one is compared to your others with the flat sky, the stark, obtuse shadows and the lone, unbearably dark cypress. That, together with your absence these last days, has me a little concerned. I've come to really love your daily paintings which have become a part of my daily life. I hope all is well.
I miss your striking paintings, Julian. So vital. Kind regards.
alain do not fret. julian is on a much needed holiday with me in asturias. back soon.
Thank you Ruth for your note! HAVE A GREAT WELL DESERVED HOLIDAY... and back for the rentree.
Thank you for your reply, Ruth. The "cypresses" each day said to me: "Ne sois pas "si press├ęs !" They were right ! Have a great break.
shall be looking forward to hearing from you both...ruths blog and juliens paintings. it is lonesome without you both. hope it was fun. g
good to hear that the cypresses are just marking the spot until you return