daily painting titled Three figs

Three figs

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 30 June, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Oooh, I'd like to visit your market! Though I am sure you made them look even better than real life. ;)
Fabulous. Less is definitely more!
Plump bottomed figgy birds deep in conversation. Soft sheen of iridescent feathers glowing. How perfect.
very operatic.
Excellent work Julian, your still life paintings are always inspiring.
Love the lost and found lines and the drama in this painting, Julian.
The two figs in the back look as though they are gossiping about something, leaving the one at the front completely out of the conversation - poor thing! As always, Julien, wonderful work - beautiful deep layers of color and lovely free strokes!
I, too, had the impression of birds, the heads of roosters in fact, when only the top of the painting was showing before I scrolled down. Such plump and purple fowl... Thanks, Naomi
Wonderful composition and yes I agree, a masterful use of the lost and found lines.
Dazzling virtuosity
That's not fair! It's ALL darks!
I swear I got those same figs at my greengrocer's a week or two ago. They were perfectly ripe, juicy and so sweet. But like art, an apparition, and now, sadly, no more to be found.