daily painting titled A string of onions in a bowl

A string of onions in a bowl

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 18 February, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


You always make it look so simple Julian. Looking forward to the new website. I just spent ages trying to build my own so know how involved it can be. Are you visiting Venice again this year? Will always remember that wonderful chat we had in Campo Santa Marghuerita.
Very lovely, especially the palette. I love that transparency you achieve in your still life backgrounds with the base color just barely showing through. Classy. Perhaps you have been in France long enough that you don't appreciate how unique and appealing (to many Americans) the French pottery and crockery is in your paintings. They are inherently interesting and you always paint them so beautifully. This blue is very nice but I am always especially drawn to those green-glazed confit or olive (?) jars you have depicted from time to time. Time for another?
Beautiful work....Welcome back
Quietly wonderful. So understated. Julian, can I ask, when you paint your small boards what sort of size brushes do you use? I'm sure the larger the better, for avoiding unnecessary detail, but you have such a light touch and it's hard to imagine what size IS large. Thank you as always for sharing your work. I learn so much from it.
Those onions look so real, I can almost feel them in my hands. I'm really enjoying these latest paintings that are filled with light. I wonder, do you paint during different times of the day, and does that reflect in the lighting? Or do you use artificial light?
Hi, Julian- Glad you're back! I was really missing my daily dose of painting. re Alex's comment--I was thinking how Vermeer-like that lovely cool light was. Would you ever consider setting up a video camera so those of us stuck here so far away might see how you work? Personally, I wouldn't think you'd even need to talk...just set up & forget it?
I am soooo thrilled on winning the "String of Onions"!!! It delicious and delicate...the light is all warm and nice...can't wait to see it in my home!! ;~} ♡ ♡ ☆ ☆