daily painting titled Rio de san Giacoma

Rio de san Giacoma

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 31 October, 2013
Posted in Paintings of Venice


I think you should move to Venice,,,,your paintings have been wonderful. But it is a magical place isn't it!
I love this one! It must have been a 'grand' vacation. Does Lewis like the boats?
These are getting better and better! You have caught the run down feeling of this side canal really well.
Venice--what a fairy tale--and what memories for me. But I am glad you will be back in Provence before too long. Thank you for your work for us to enjoy.
Lovely and dark and full of Venetian mystery
This painting has something close to Maurice Utrillo(the painter of Montmartre)paintings: chalky sky, stern perspective of the walls, "carbonised" windows, atmosphere frozen in silence, even the reflections in the water seem petrified, subtle grayscale infiltrating each hue, flags at rest, no folks, no pigeons... Just an undulating line running on the unbleached titanium wall desperately tries to disrupt the haunting silence. Metaphorical painting of...I do not know.
This is hauntingly beautiful and so unlike the typical Venetian scene! Just lovely! I really liked your previous ones too, so misty and softly done, just didn't have the time to respond to each one as there is an illness in the family, right now. Your paintings provide a wonderful respite, Julian. Thank you! Elaine
your water paintings are excellent...beautifully described...thank you
Excellent work Julian. I can see from your paintings that you had a great time. You have really captured the essence of Venice. Thank uou for sharing your holiday with us.
Thank you for sharing your holiday with us through little snippets painted with such passion.....a beautiful visual journey.... And hopefully a special family holiday for all of you.... Safe travels to England!
Absolutely beautiful Julian. Dare I suggest a workshop in Venice in 2015?
Haunting melancholy tones of the season..I can hear the smack of water against the boats; Lovely work.. Happy Time in the UK. Will you be near Hertfordshire?
Excellent work Julian. I can see from your paintings that you had a great time. You have really captured the essence of Venice. Thank uou for sharing your holiday with us.
Dear Julian, this is a masterpiece, venetian to the core!! The sky alone is perfection, exquisite. The canal water has the lustre of mercury glass, the little hump backed bridge drawing the eye in. Seemingly empty of people but full of ghosts, causing a frisson of pleasurable fear! Your venetian palette has captured the bleak but bitter sweet mood of melancholy Venice in autumn. I feel you are capable of painting anything, anywhere. Always true to your vision and painting heart and soul! Through your paintings a treasure trove of all art and artistic endeavour somehow seems fresh again.. I can just imagine what you could do with the reedy saltmarshes far out in the lagoon, mysterious little islands and forgotten canals where people string their washing across the damp water. I hope you will return to paint once again in Venice! Have a safe journey and bless your generous spirit. Anna.
Dear Alain, may I just say that your comment on the painting today is both erudite and poetic! It was a pleasure reading it! Anna.
Divine atmospheric paintings Julian. Where in England are you headed? : )
I have enjoyed your Venice paintings, and now I can't wait to see what you do in England! May your family have a safe trip.
Julian, All the paintings are wonderful, but this one is amazingly beautiful. Loved the one of the boat, actually all of them. I think they have more depth than Ken's. If you ever have a workshop in Venice....I would love to come. Best to you and the family!! Jessie
I like this painting because it shows how people live; the touches of orange and green on a window in the left of the painting show evidence of the person who lives there as does the orange (?) on the water side of one of the boats. The use of warm/ cool colours is a deft touch and shows the individuality of those who own/rent the buildings on the canal. Thus I am led to imagine the lives of those who live or work there.
Dear Julian,as Evelyn Mahrt,I am looking forward to seeing your next paintings of England (if you have time to paint):atmosphere, tints, poetry, feelings, mystery...
Ah, Julian, I've been away, emotionally, and without the mood or the time to look at pictures. And I came back and opened up to this--and all your gorgeous ones of Venice. Thanks for the restorative!