daily painting titled Route de Modene, printemps

Route de Modene, printemps

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 13 May, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Soory - I can't comment. I have no speech.

If I try to set aside flowers and foliages, which are the impressionist sides of the painting,this work reveals for me a striking demonstration of pure solid geometry. Particularly the hexagon in the midpoint and, around, a ballet of rectangles,triangles,parallelepipeds...
Abstraction through the realism. And at last, this essential brightest yellow-green hint, in the upper part of the painting and being the apex of a virtual triangle in the shade, above the hexagon, "holds" the whole architecture like a part of an invisible capital, conveying an undetactable sanctified feeling to this quiet joyful landscape.


This is delicious! Those clouds look like some we sent over from New England a few days ago.
And now it looks as if the Poppies are coming to life!

good to see you got back and you are back in the paint... and what a wonderful result Julian!

beautiful landscape!

Alain puts it perfectly; everything in it's place. Reassuring. Whatever else goes on in the world - Nature - and her special painters - never lets us down.

Hi Julian What an exquisite spring painting this is. Alain said it all. I especialy like his comment on your technique, "abstraction through realism." Congratulations on this image and your forthcoming book. It is a birthday gift to me from me. Barbara

Hi Barbara M,
Nice to see you are with us again.

Good light in the painting.Your brush is getting hotter each time I see the art.
I know you won't starve, your art is your currency.
I like the fact that you are not trying to make any profound statements with the work.
Cool, it makes me get to my easel in a hurry.

Bob Ragland