daily painting titled Orange with a Blue Ground

Orange with a Blue Ground

18cm x 12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 27 July, 2006
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What a beauty. Bowls me over!

very zen

Stunningly quiet, and quietly ravishing!

wow. gorgeous. i'm in awe!

I have been loving the entire compoitions of late, but have been commenting more on particular component aspects. Two days ago, for example, it was the stunning color of the door. Today, I find the azure to indigo background a wonderment. Blue hue, blue hue -- tears of joy.

Completely gorgeous.Really extraordinarily beautiful.

This is my favorite so far. Quite beautiful!

ravishing and ever so beautiful.

Congratulations, Rebecca. I thought for sure this one was mine!! Enjoy your exquisite postcard.

Looks like we were all bowled over by this one!

I agree with Leslee, this is very, very zen. Simply gorgeous!

took my breath away...

Wow ! stunningly beautiful

Sorry Julian...I find this one so, so.

Julian, this is a museum piece!

This one doesn't have your usual looseness that I like so much.

So perfect.

yo, louis, but it has something else, obviously. i received it on my palm and in amongst the chaos of daily life it was a moment of still, calm... and yes, very very zen. lovely.

julian does blue like no one i've ever seen. definitely the email i look forward to daily. thanks for sharing so creatively.

So Beautiful!

Lucky Rebecca! Enjoy it. I love this one.

elegant in its simplicity, the richness of the perfect orange/blue combination makes me wish i had called in sick to work to have a chance at this. i love it. i use this contrast in my garden. i guess there is the limited print route....

Brilliant! Double Golden Cut! A Real Masterpiece.

Quite striking! Simply beautiful.