daily painting titled Olive Grove (Study no. 2)

Olive Grove (Study no. 2)

18.5cm x 12cm (7¼"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 26 August, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


The vertical brushstrokes of the sky gives the technical "tempo" to the whole painting. Sky, trees, flowers, ground, all seems to be made by the same and single substance. This olive tree like a green flame trying to merge with the firmament...Alas without success! And these tiny incandescent orange dots spread all over the painting providing the heartbeats of this peaceful sunny day... I am holding my breathe and try to remember the singsongs of the cicadas and rickets...
Julian, when I click on the two other studies, it seems to be twice the first one.
Tu as raison, Alain, on ne doit pas faire les choses à trois heure du matin!!! (I've corrected that now, well spotted Alain)
Thanks for your reply. Tu as vu, moi-même, j'ai fait une erreur en écrivant "rickets" à la place de "crickets"! Un paysage aussi ensoleillé que celui-ci ne peut pas être atteint de rachitisme! par ailleurs tu as dû être surpris par ma réaction du 24 août à la suite du commentaire d'Ann qu'en fait je n'avais absolument pas compris: j'ai cru qu'elle voulait dire que je te connaissais personnellement et donc que j'exagérais mes commentaires admiratifs!I believe that I took myself for a half of a fig! Sorry, avec un peu de retard, happy birthday julian.
how lucky we all are to have alain's comments added to julian's wonderful artwork since they make us see them in an entirely different way....and now we will have some french lessons as well. (my french a little rusty from highschool years.) thanks to you both.