daily painting titled Roses in a jam jar

Roses in a jam jar

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 5 April, 2020
Posted in Flower paintings


The flowers are very petite and fragrant. Probably my favorite.

Thank you. Stay well.

Thank you for your beautiful paintings at this weird time. The gardens in Australia are slowly shutting down for winter. We have the last beautiful blooms pushing out now and some of the trees have started to turn beautiful yellows and hot reds.
Thank you once again for your beautiful blooms.

This is gorgeous!
I hope you continue to be safe and happy as I always look forward to your posts! I love Provence, and you provide a little bit of Provence for me to savor!

That’s amazing Julian, How do you do it???
Such simple brush strokes, that look so easy,
And yet have such realist effect. I feel so lucky
To be sent these wonderful paintings from you
Through the internet...I only wished I could afford
To buy one to keep.... maybe one day. Meanwhile
I look forward to seeing them on my screen. Thank
You ❤️

Simple, skilful, beautiful!!!
Kind regards, Graham Lomas

A VERY appealing rose painting!
Simple and expertly executed with what appears to be such ease!
Well done.