daily painting titled Teddy bear

Teddy bear

12cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 21 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Awwwwwwwwww, sooooooooo adorable!
Delightful! A lovely friend for Bluebear!
Moving and dazzling masterpiece... But... What's happening to me? I realize I have suddenly regressed back to childhood! - My favorite Teddy bear, I must tell you a little secret. May I, my cherished friend? - Okay, come and see me. I listen to you...(one minute after) Oh dear!Is that possible? - my beloved cub, don't tell it to mummy,please! - Hmm, I'll see about that later, little Lainlain. - O Teddy bear, you are spiteful! Nasty boy! I do not like you anymore! So there!"
Very cute, Julian. I am to become a first-time grandmother to a little baby girl, probably next Monday - and I can imagine her having such a teddy bear in the future.
I love found objects as they have a story. How lovely of you to rescue this one and then provide us with this colourful painting that brings back memories to all of us. Alain's recollections are a delight and so imaginative.
Perhaps Louis' found bear would like to meet Prince Bear, my Andy's bear. Andy is now 50, so perhaps Prince is too old for her. However, Prince Bear is on the top of a bedroom piece of furniture, and I often speak to him in passing.
I LOVE this painting! It belongs in a childrens book. Beautiful painting and love the colors, very cheery.
Julian, This is so cute!!! Kudos to you for venturing to a new ans sweet subject.!!! Tish.
My questioning is: why am I not "inspired" by other painters I like, masters or not (with, yet, two exceptions: Giorgio Morandi and Mark Rothko)? Mystery of art,so close to neural alchemy? Beyond understanding.
twas a LOVELY way to begin the day with a cuppa tea and your painting to look at ! bears are just the best and it makes one so happy to know this one is in your families care......happy day to you across the world..cheers shelley
Thank you for rescuing the bear, and equally important (more important?) thanks for painting him (or her). Does he/she have a name? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY, JULIAN!!! WHAT IS LOUIS'S BIRTHDAY?
An interesting change of pace. I love these ratty old Teddy bears. Nice work, as always.